Legacy CollEc

This is the legacy version of CollEc. The more recent version is CollEc.
CollEc provides rankings by co-authorship centrality for authors registered in the RePEc Author Service, as maintained by Christian Zimmermann.
We have centrality rankings.
You can use the authors linked to by the rankings to find paths to any of the 46788 economists in the network. If you are in the network use a RAS handle to find yourself, and from you, find the path to anybody else in the network by name searches.
Note that the data on this site go back to the RAS data of 2021‒02‒01. Over the rest of the year, we will calculate the rankings and full paths. At this time, we expect the calculations to be complete in August. On 2022‒01‒01, we will take a new copy of RAS data and start to calculate again.
Our data is available via the RePEc rsync site.
There is some documentation.